Best CB Radio 2017

Best CB Radio Review

Best CB Radio of 2017

With the year drawing to a close and Christmas fast approaching, it seemed the right time to review the range of new CB Radios on the Market and decide which we felt was the best.

If there’s a certain someone in your life who would love to get back on CB Radio next year then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve picked out the best CB Radios in our selection and reviewed each one so you can decide which would be the best for you or as a fantastic gift for them.

Best CB Radio







We’ve looked at the best UK/EU 80 Channel CB Radios as well as Single Side Band (SSB) CB Radios which offer a staggering 120 Channels for you to choose from

We hope that this information will help to make getting set up on CB Radio an absolute breeze

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So without further ado lets get into the reviews!


UK/EU Dual Mode CB Radios


5/ TTI TCB-550


The TTI TCB 550 is a compact little CB Radio which provides both the UK 40 Channels and EU Channels and comes with many of the features found on more expensive CB radios housed in a rugged, sturdy casing and is provided with the accessories needed to mount it in most vehicles.

The TTI TCB-550 is the entry level model from the Korean manufacturer and was the cheapest model we looked at in our reviews.  This would be the ideal choice for anyone with a limited budget.

We Awarded the TTI TCB-550 :-


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4/ Midland 78 Plus

Best CB Radio


The Midland 78 Plus comes from the stable of one of the most well known manufacturers of CB Radio equipment.  It is another compact CB radio that comes with a full set of features including including a digital signal meter and RF Gain.  It too comes complete with the accessories needed to mount your Midland 78 Plus into your car.

Midland are one of the best known brands in the CB Radio market which makes this a natural choice for most CB Radio users.  It is slightly more expensive than some of the models we reviewed and we felt its overall design was a little bland.

We Awarded the Midland 78 Plus :-


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3/ Albrecht AE-6110

Best CB Radio

Albrecht are another serious competitor in the CB Radio Market and the AE-6110 is one of its most popular models.  The Albrecht AE-6110 is one of the smallest models available which makes it ideal for both mobile and portable use since it is ultra lightweight and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

The Albrecht AE-6110 provides access to both the UK 40 channels as well as EU Channels and offers a full set of features and is priced well enough to fit into most people’s budget.

We Awarded the Albrecht AE-6110 :-


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Best CB Radio

The CRT ONE N matches the Albrecht AE-6610 in both weight and size making another ideal candidate for either mobile or portable use.  The CRT ONE N offers the same range of features including a six stage RF Gain and multi region frequencies.

We found that the CRT ONE N was slightly cheaper than the Albrecht AE-6610 but it was difficult to really seperate these two excellent CB Radios from each other so decided to aware the CRT ONE N the same score as the Albrecht AE-6110

We Awarded the CRT ONE N :-


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1/ Cobra 29 LX EU

CB Radio Review

The Cobra 29 LX EU came in as our No.1 choice for a new Dual Mode CB Radio this year.  The Cobra brand is well recognised in the global CB Radio community and the 29 LX EU stands out against its competition not only because of its exceptional build quality, large format display, choice of four different colour display options but equally for the extensive range of features that don’t come with most other models.  Added to that, the high quality microphone and adjustable Dynamike® Boost gives this quality CB Radio a real professional edge.

We Awarded the Cobra 29 LX EU :- 


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SSB Multimode CB Radios

We placed all Side-band Radios into a separate category because of the different capabilities that these radios offer and selected our top 5 from the range of models available.

5/ President Grant II

The President Grant II has been a popular choice for many radio users since its launch in 2013.  Providing access to AM/FM and SSB, this model has a number of useful features allowing 4 Watts for AM/FM and 12 Watts for LSB/USB.  It has a high quality build but does not provide as much power in SSB Modes and is more expensive than more affordable models.

We Awarded the President Grant II :- 


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4/ Uniden BEARCAT 980SSB

Uniden have been in the business of producing Two-way Radios for many years and we found the BEARCAT 980SSB to be one of the most attractive radios we reviewed.  The Bearcat 980SSB has a good range of features including a multi-colour display and comes at a very affordable price.

We Awarded the Uniden Bearcat 980SSB :- 


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3/ President Lincoln II

The President Lincoln II is the bigger brother of the President Grant II that holds our number 5 spot.  It comes with the same well recognised brand and excellent build quality but is equipped with a broader range of features and is able to provide more power (30W) in LSB and USB modes.  These additional features and power does however come at some additional cost.

We Awarded the President Lincoln II :- 


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2/ Alinco DR-135DX

Alinco CB Radio

In many ways, the Alinco DR-135DX should have come in at our No.1 spot.  It has a good range of features at a very affordable cost. It provides an impressive 25 Watts in LSB and USB Modes but costs far less then some of the mless powerful radios on the market.  It would make an ideal ‘starter radio’ for someone entering the ’11 Meter band’ for the first time.  What prevented us from awarding it the top position was its overall build quality and reports of a poor quality microphone compared to other models.

We Awarded the Alinco DR-135DX :-  


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1/ CRT SuperStar 7900

CB Radio Review

The CRT SS 7900 has become a hugely popular radio amongst the 2-way radio community.  It produces the most power compared to most SSB Radios we reviewed offering an impressive 30 Watss in both FM and LSB/USB Modes and comes with a useful range of features including a triple display meter.  Although it isn’t the cheapest model we reviewed it isn’t the most expensive either and based on how many people ‘rave’ about this particular model, we had to award it the top spot in our reviews.

We awarded the CRT SS 7900 :- 



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