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alright guys it's Charlie Tango $1.99
for back with another YouTube video if
you have visited this site fairly
recently you might already realize that
I've been posting a huge amount of new
CB radio content on this site in recent
months and in fact have been posting
literally every day since the first day
of January this work equates to over 60
new YouTube videos as well as detailed
web articles covering a vast array of
different CB radio topics from getting
set up on CB radio to more advanced
radio theory about single sideband and
amateur radio in general as there is so
much new content I've decided to
organize them into separate playlists as
well as different website pages broadly
organized into separate CB radio related
themes hopefully this will help you to
be able to find the type of information
you are looking for and should make it
easier to watch a specific series of
videos as well as read through the same
specific information on my website that
relates to the CB radio topic that you
are interested in as there is such a
huge amount of information I am hoping
that you'll be able to find something
that you will find useful and hopefully
will enjoy watching the videos enough
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content as it is created my youtube
channel has been running for over two
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radio videos available from it are you
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as I said I've organized my most recent
content into new playlists which can be
found by going either to my youtube
channel or by clicking the appropriate
links on the sidebar of my website I've
also added links to each playlist in the
top right of this video so you can get
to each one easily so let me explain
each of the playlist for you there are
five new playlists each containing a
series of related videos with links to
their related web articles in the video
description of each one and they are
getting started in CB radio this
introductory playlist of 13 videos and
articles covers areas of CB radio that
would be useful to understand when
getting started in CB radio for the
first time or as a refresher for people
who are interested in returning to CB
radio after many years this playlist
includes a beginner's guide to CB radio
getting started on CB radio choosing a
CB radio CB radio installation what is
standing wave ratio tuning a CB aerial
CB radio antenna range setting up a CB
radio in your car
installing a home base CB radio antenna
CB radio most frequently asked questions
CB radio and the law what should I know
about CB radio before I buy one CB radio
Nets understand in CB radio this
playlist of 11 videos and articles
covers CB radio in more depth and
includes information about CB radio
usage and communications it also
includes more information about how to
get the best from your CB radio this
playlist includes CB radio etiquette CB
radio lingo what are the 10 codes what
are Q codes how to use a CB radio why
use a CB radio CB radio amplifiers CB
radio most
commonly asked questions CB radio and
the law portable CB radio CB radio Nets
understanding SSB radio this playlist of
11 videos and articles look specifically
at sideband or SSB radio it explains in
more detail the differences and
advantages of SSB radio over the normal
CB radio frequencies and focuses more
into sideband radio and other forms of
ham or amateur radio this playlist
includes what are Radio modes or is SSB
sideband radio market band versus
sideband radio what's the difference
between ham radio and CB radio why do
ham radio users hate CB radio CB radio
frequencies how to call CQ good
practices when calling CQ how to get a
radio call sign how to send a radio
report CB radio division codes CB radio
in the 21st century the final part of
this series of CB radio playlists brings
us up to date with a look at CB radio in
the 21st century it explores how CB
radio in the UK and around the world
continues to thrive amongst the latest
in technology and how he has reemerged
thanks to the internet and social
platforms like Facebook and YouTube this
playlist includes CB radio on the
Internet CB radio on a motorcycle the
future of CB radio do truckers still use
CB radio CB radio for Preppers CB radio
forums CB radio shops CB radio on
I hope you enjoyed watching this video
and as a thank you to you particularly
if you're new to CB radio or returning
to after many years I've put together a
free information series called the
beginner's guide to CB radio which I'm
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