Portable CB Radio Activation – Pilot Hill

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I’ve been very lucky with the weather recently and it was another gloriously sunny day when I decided to head up to Pilot Hill in Hampshire to do a portable CB Radio activation by joining Sid’s Sunday DX again last weekend.

Portable CB Radio Activation - Pilot Hill

Pilot Hill gives you a very high vantage point and the views of the rolling hills below me was nothing short of spectacular particularly on such a warm sunny day.  It was quite a steep climb from the car especially with the amount of gear you need to carry for a portable CB Radio activation but the views from the top completely made up for it.

This time around I had set of a little earlier than usual so had arrived a few minutes before the portable CB Radio activation was due to start but with the heat, erecting the mast with my new T2LT antenna that Stuart 26CTX1837 had sent me the previous week took quite a bit out of me and it was another half an hour or so before I had everything set up to start my portable CB Radio activation.

Portable CB Radio Activation Shelter

In fact, the Sun was so strong that I was glad that I had bought my tarp with me and was able to erect it by using my mast to get me out of the Sun as well as provide some cover for the radio equipment and other bits of kit I had bought with me for the portable CB Radio activation.

My previous portable CB Radio activation down in Cambridgeshire the previous weekend had been a bit of a disappointment since I got very few signals in and could hardly hear Sid in the radio whereas this time around I was getting amazing signals from a lot of stations since I was on such a good high point in the Country and in fact, Sid was hitting me at 30+.

It is also pretty rare that I get in on the Net itself quite normally because there are so many people calling in but since Sid was pretty close to me I was giving him a good strong signal and this time around I got a response from him and he got me into his log book.

So for most of the afternoon I sat quietly listening to the Radio, enjoying the good weather and soaking up the impressive views enjoying another successful Portable CB Radio activation.  A little later Sid passed me round to another Charlie Tango member callsign CT2743 in Reading with the personal Nigel which was about 30 miles away from me.

One of the things I do enjoy about my portable CB Radio activation trips are that I use a 30 year old CB Radio which pushes out less than the normal 4 watts but still get some great signals from it in the right conditions so was pleased I got a good copy to a guy such a great distance from me although I have had copys with people over 100 miles away when conditions have allowed.

Since I was getting so many good signals in I was happy to record a lot of the CB Radio activity on my phone but realised a little while later that I was getting through the battery pretty quickly and had forgotten my charging cable so had to keep an eye on the battery.

I needed to keep some battery in the phone for the journey home since I rely on the Sat Nav on my phone to get me home and because my little drone uses the phone to fly it I also wanted to use it to fly the drone to capture some of the beautiful countryside.

I try to fly my drone whenever I go out on a portable CB Radio activation and have only had the chance to fly it twice so far this year so am still a bit rusty on the controls.  So, as I was flying it I took my eye off it for a couple of minutes and for some reason completely lost sight of it.

Eventually I realised it was behind me instead of in front of me and before I could get it back under control it had crashed landed in an adjacent field that was knee deep with crops and although I tried to look for it didn’t want to destroy the young plants by walking all over the place so had to admit defeat and declare it lost so wasn’t able to get any drone footage of my CB Radio activation this time around.

The good news though is that I bought a better Drone at the back end of lat year so will be bringing that out with me on future Portable CB Radio activation trips and since it is a lot easier to fly there should be less chance of losing this one.

Pretty soon it was time to start packing everything down and heading home but I was really pleased with how Stuart’s T2LT had performed so was happy to have completed another successful Portable CB Radio activation with my new antenna!


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Portable CB Radio Activation – Pilot Hill