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I managed to find the time to pull out my new drone this week.  I’ve actually had it for a few months but not had a chance to unbox it and get it out and give it a test yet so I thought I’d do it now based on the fact that I was out doing a DX activation last week and the little black drone not I usually use when I’m out and about ended up getting lost.  I lost control of it when I was out and crash landing in the field.  There are quite a lot of Budget Drones on the market but I had brought a slightly better drone at the back end of last year so it was time to replace the one I had lost.

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Budget Drones Hubsan H502e

Hubsan H502e

So I had, previous to that gone out and invested in this but just never got round to get it out so I don’t get out today and I’m going to open it up and get it all set up the main reason for for having any of the budget drones really

Some places I go to are good open areas on high ground so it’s ideal really to have the space to fly any of the budget drones around because I live in London and it’s pretty built up area is not a lot of open space in this I take it to a local park and then there’s trees and all sorts of things that can cause problems for any of the budget drones.

So, that really is one of the reasons for taking it out with me when I do a CB radio activation but also because you do get pretty amazing views especially when you’re really high up and I like to just give it a fly around and capture some of the scenery to be honest because it’s worth doing that and the little black one I’ve had has served its purpose.  It was very very cheap having cost less than £30 but because it was pretty small and pretty light weight it did get knocked around by the wind quite a lot.

So I have been looking for something that was a bit more of an upgrade so I picked this Hubsan H502e up for a number of reasons, it  has a camera on the front of it so that’s the primary reason for having a drone for the uses that I want.   The Hubsan is definately a bit more of an upgrade.   it’s got a GPS on it with an automatic stabiliser, so you can actually take your hands off of the controls and it pretty much stays where it is. 

It also says on the box that it will automatically return since it knows where it took off from, you just press a button and it should return to the point where it took off so it does this automatically using its own GPS

It also has an altitude hold so again you can set it to a position where you want it to stay and then leave it there allowing it to hover and then bring it back when you’re ready to, so hopefully it means I’m not going to lose this one because of the the GPS is built into it and the stabilisation and it wasn’t an enormous expense. I have to say there are drones out there there are many thousands of pounds as well ones that are just a few hundred as well as everything in between to be honest

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Budget Drones Hubsan H502s

Hubsan 502s

There is another model that Hubsan make called the H502s which is a another step up from the Hubsan 502e which has the same kind of features but in the controller has a screen built into it so you can actually see what it sees as it’s flying around and it has what is called a ‘follow me’ function so again using the GPS where the idea is that you might be skiing or cycling or something like that, you can send the 502s up and it knows where you are based on the location of the controller so will follow you along.

So, particularly if you’re skiing or cycling downhill or something like that it will just follow you. Now, I’ve seen videos on YouTube where it hasn’t been entirely successful with things in the way it does it’s best obviously but in the YouTube videos that I’ve seen a few have clattered into trees, pylons or whatever else is so I’m still going to be very very careful with my new drone. It cost me just under £50 where the little black one I had was just over £20 so more of a toy than the Hubsan 502e. 

The Hubsan 502s was just a little bit too much for me as it was about £120, it does have those extra features and I’m sure they’re really useful but I didn’t want to shell out that much for it so stuck on the Hubsan 502e .  I’m looking forward to giving it a try out over the next couple of weeks so will post an update with info in the near future.

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