National CB Radio Day

National CB Radio Day – 2nd November 2017

National CB Radio Day

2nd November 2017 marks the 36th year since CB Radio was legalised in the UK and to mark the occasion each year a national Radio Net is organised.

National CB Radio Day

Its the time of year when CB Radio enthusiasts up and down the country get together on air to celebrate the anniversary of the legalisation of CB Radio in the UK and reminisce about how exciting it was back then to be part of one of the largest phenomenons to hit the country in the early eighties.

Old CB Radio

Its also a great opportunity for CB Radio users to dust off their old CB Radios from the eighties and give them a try on the night and its great to hear people sharing stories with each other on how they first got into CB Radio and the funny stories they remember from back then.

CB Radio first became popular in the UK because of the import of illegal american AM Rigs and it took many years of lobbying and campaigning before the British government was forced to introduce new legislation to legalise the production and use of legal FM CB Radios for use on the offset 27Mhz frequencies in Britain.

CB Radio Licence

Back then a licence was also required to operate a CB Radio legally and these licences were made available at a cost of £15 from local post offices although years later CB Radio was reclassified as licence free and is now legal to use without a licence.

Although CB Radio is not as popular as it once was there are still a great number of old CB Radios in circulation and the 2nd November is still a very popular event up and down the country with people joining the event from all over the nation.



There are scores of second hand CB Radios changing hands on EBay every week and this is a great place to get hold of a cheap CB Radio and get yourself set up in the hobby.

As well as the Net running on the FM Frequencies there is also activity taking place on the more recently legalised AM Frequencies and also on SSB for those with the more modern CB Radios which were legalised only a few years ago.

If you have access to an old CB Radio then the 2nd November would be a great time to get it set up and give it a try especially if you can get up on a local hill or somewhere where you can get the best reception and see what you can hear on the night.

The main net is scheduled to run from 7pm up until 10pm on the evening of the 2nd November and is set to run on Channel 36 of the FM Frequencies

So why not join in on the day by tuning in to one of the frequencies listed below and come and join in on the celebrations to mark the anniversary of the legalisation of CB Radio in the UK


MAIN NET:  36 years of legal UK CB radio
DATE:           Thursday 2nd November 2017
TIME:            19:00 – 22:00 hours (BST)
FREQ:            Ch36 UKFM (27.95125Mhz). 
AM Calling on Ch14 EU (27.125Mhz)*
SSB Calling on Ch27 EU (27.275Mhz)*