Happy New Year 2019

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Its January 2019 and I wanted to say Happy New Year to all of my subscribers!

This is the first video of 2019 and I realise its been over 3 months since my last upload on YouTube so I thought it was high time to put one together.

Since I started the Channel I have been fairly prolific with uploading videos and as the channel reaches its third anniversary next month I have uploaded over 200 videos and have had a great time over the last couple of years out on various DX activation’s as well as buying and selling different rigs and other CB radio related accessories here in my little radio shack

Sadly at the end of 2017 my mum was diagnosed with Cancer and through the course of last year her condition began to increasingly worsen so as the autumn approached last year I was spending more time travelling to see her every weekend so had to leave the CB Radio videos to one side.  Hence very few uploads since last summer.

I tend to shoot and edit my videos over the weekend and as I say there simply wasn’t time available to make and upload my videos and to be honest I haven’t even been near a radio in that time.

On Christmas Eve last year my mum was moved to a hospice and we had the chance to have one last Christmas together before she sadly passed away the day after New Years Day 2019 and finally held her funeral last week.

So I wanted to offer an explanation as to why there have been no new videos for a while and to be honest right now my heart isn’t really in to it in the same way it used to be and was half considering on not really putting much work into it in the future.

AS I say the channel has been running for nearly three years and I’ve had a lot of fun in the past making and uploading videos and it would be shame not to get back into the hobby and start making videos for the channel again.

I’ve always been a bit of a fair weather DXer and the weather in the UK this time of year is not ideal to be yomping up a hill and setting up a station with the fear of rain, cold winds and generally uncomfortable conditions so there wont be much of that this year until the weather starts to improve.

Its also icy cold in the old radio shack at the minute and other than one new CB Radio I bought at the end of last summer there isn’t even any new kit to review but         I do hope to start getting back into the routine of creating new CB Radio videos for 2019 as the weather starts to improve.

I had some great days out last year and the year before and there are definitely more places around the Country that I would love to visit so I am looking forward to getting to a few more places this summer.

I might even start looking around for new Rigs to get later in the year and see if we can do a few more reviews for the channel as the year progresses


So Happy new year to you guys and I’ll see you again in 2019 soon!