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Hi, my call-sign is 26CT1994 and I have been a member of the Charlie Tango DX Group since 2016.  I bought my first rig after a break of over thirty years off the air and have since become very interested in CB Radio as a hobby since joining the group.
Find out more about the Charlie Tango DX Group at :-
My YouTube Channel

Since it was the videos of CB Radios on YouTube that got me back into the hobby, about a year ago I decided to create my own YouTube channel and have been uploading new videos on a weekly basis ever since.  There are quite a few videos of me getting set up on CB Radio both in my car as well as rigging up a home base aerial and setting up my radio shack (The Garage!)

You can find my YouTube channel Here

My Facebook Page

I enjoyed making videos so much that I decided to make a Facebook Page to go with it.  I post all sorts of CB Radio related news and funnies on my facebook page as well as links to other people’s videos and posts.  Facebook is a great way to in touch with other radio users from all around the world and I’ve met some great people online.

My Facebook Page is here :-

My Ebay Shop

I’ve been buying and selling on Ebay for many years.  I’ve sold nearly 100 rigs on Ebay over the years as I buy and sell them to review on my YouTube channel.  I also list CB radios for sale on my Facebook page so if you are interested in picking a radio up for yourself I always have items for sale in my Ebay shop.

Click here to get to my Ebay Shop



I post regularly on Twitter about all kinds of CB Radio related information.  I also regularly share updates about my blog posts and YouTube videos via Twitter so its a great way of keeping in touch.

Access my Twitter Page Here


I recently joined Instagram to share photos and stories about my regular CB Radio purchases and sales.  I also post regularly to share updates about my blog posts and YouTube videos.
I added two more social media platforms at the end of 2017 to share my content to.
Pintrest was added in early November and I try and post on it at least three times a week.


I also created an account at Tumblr  in early November 2017 to sttart posting more content on that social media regularly too.

Click here to enter my Tumblr Page