Buxton Bash 2018

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This weekend I’ve made a special trip up to Derbyshire to meet up with a few of the guys from the Charlie Tango community for this years Buxton Bash.

It’s a great chance to meet up with some of the guys from the forum and I took the opportunity to let more people know about my YouTube channel and pass out my details.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to run some radio activity for the weekend so I set my station up working out of the back of my car.

I took quite a bit of kit up there with me which included my old Black Shadow for SSB as well as my trusty old colt 295 to work the FM Forty.

I also brought up my 5ft Firestik as well as the T2LT that Stuart sent up to me a few weeks ago.

It was also a chance to try our some new camping gear I brought up which included my inflatable armchair which came in very useful when working out of the boot of the car

I decide to take one of my most spacious tents since I was going to be up there for a few days and it made a nice comfy home for the weekend.

I managed to squeeze in one of the sun loungers we use at home so it was a great time to kick back and relax after the long journey and enjoy the outdoors.

It was great to enjoy these magnificent views since we were in quite a commanding location high up in the hills which makes it an ideal location for a Radio activation.

There was some pretty impressive radio kit on show including the guy who chairs the midweek net every week using exactly this set up.

I spotted a nice delta loop antenna amongst various mobile antennas but the prize for the most impressive portable set up was this tower set up that the guy who ran the official club activation towed up for the weekend.

The main aerial was a directional delta loop beam with an IMAX 2000 above it atop an extendable tower which stood 40 foot in the air for the weekend.

It was clearly visible against the skyline from many vantage points around the Buxton Bash.

At 470 Metres above sea level the radio was manned all weekend and was getting signals from far and wide across Europe and further afield.

And as well as the 11 Metre equipment PMR channels were also being monitored although this proved to be fairly quiet over the weekend

Over the weekend someone even posted a video of them receiving the Buxton Bash call from way out in Hungary.

And it wasn’t too long before we got a QSO going with Roy from Corsica when a fellow Ulsterman who had come over from Belfast was passed the key to chat and as a language expert our guy also came in very useful for chatting with other stations in their own language.

Being portable over the weekend also gave me the chance to set up a mobile kitchen in the back of the car which gave me the chance to do a bit of outdoor cooking as well as partaking in the nightly barbecue that was offered to all club members over the weekend.

Being up in the Derbyshire hills the views around the Buxton Bash were nothing short of breathtaking.

And with all that wide open space it wasn’t too long before my drone had to make an appearance so I did my best to get some aerial footage of the event as well as the incredible countryside

And as well as those camping for the weekend the event was well attended by more day visitors on the Saturday.

As well as stations coming in from all across Europe, late in the Saturday night the bands started to open up for American stations and we were able to add contacts from across the East Coast of the States

All to soon it was Sunday morning and it was time to pack up and head home but thanks to the guys who went to the effort of putting such a successful event together and I can’t wait to see you all again next year for the next Buxton Bash.

I’ll be doing my best to get the correct date in my diary for Buxton 2019

Thanks to everyone who I spoke to especially to those from the 68 Division.

It was a pleasure meeting you and sharing the Craic.

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73s and 88s