Budget Drones

Budget Drones

Folding Mini DroneHubsan 502E

Budget Drones have been with us for a few years now and have become well established amongst enthusiasts of all ages.  Budget Drones feature not only as a recreational fun item but work well in a number of practical applications including aerial photography, sports of various types and in the construction and architecture industries.

Some of the most affordable budget drones on the market are pretty feature packed for the money and without doubt great fun to fly as well as giving you the opportunity to snap some pretty impressive overhead video.

As many of the trips I take to do CB radio activations in the Summer are on high ground and in picturesque open countryside, they make the ideal playground for these Budget Drones and I have had some great fun flying them as well as snapping some good looking footage for my Youtube videos.

I recently upgraded from one of the cheapest Budget Drones available to something with a few additional features and hopefully easier to fly so I’m looking forward to getting out soon and giving it a good try out.

I’ve done more detailed reviews of both the Budget Drones I have owned on my YouTube channel and recently decided to add them to my existing CB Radio reviews on this site as well a couple of additional review pages on this site for you to enjoy!

Check out my YouTube Video Here!

JXD 523 Mini

My first drone was the pocket sized JXD 523 Mini.  It appealed to me not just because of its price but also because it folds down to a truly portable size.  I also liked the idea that it works from an App on your phone so no extra controller is required.

This made it useful for me because with all the other gear I need to pack when I went off on my CB Radio activations there wasn’t a lot of room or extra weight  so this fitted the bill ideally.

On the downside though in strong winds its small size and light weight made it tricky to handle so I had a few nervous moments when filming trying to keep it under control.

Despite that as a Budget Drone, it worked very well in lighter winds and I found using the phone app which allowed you to steer the drone simply by tilting your phone in the direction you wanted to go made it pretty easy to fly!


My YouTube Review of the JXD 523 Mini
Find out more about  the JXD 523 Mini



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Hubsan H502E

Hubsan H502E






The Hubsan H502E is one of the cheapest Budget Drones that offer the more advanced features of more expensive Drones on the Market.  The Hubsan 502E is equipped with GPS which enables it to know exactly where it is meaning it can perform a stable hover and maintain a level altitude which makes it ideal for beginners.

The 720 Camera gives good quality images and it has both a great range (of around 300 feet) as well as good battery life.  Another useful feature for the beginner is ‘headless mode’ which means the controls stay the same no matter what direction the drone is facing making it easier to control

Possibly the best feature of the Hubsan H502E is the ‘Return To Home’ function which when pressed will cause the Drone to return to the location from which it originally took off from.

Without doubt, this feature is worth the total cost of the drone since in a situation where you lose sight of the drone or struggle with controlling it from a distance you can simply hit the ‘RTH button’ and have it relocate to its original location.


My YouTube Review of the Hubsan H502E
Find out more about  the Hubsan H502E




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Hubsan H502S

The Hubsan 502S is the bigger brother of the H502E and comes with the same features as its smaller brother plus some additional features which sets it a league apart from most of the cheaper Budget Drones on the market.

As well as the GPS features like ‘Altitude Hold’ and ‘Return to Home’ it also features a ‘Follow Me’ function which enables the Drone to track your position wherever you move to.

The Drone will stay ‘locked on’ to the controller that it uses and as you travel it will fly around your current location as you travel.  So, if you were cycling, driving or skiing you can capture your activity by having the drone following you as you go.

The ‘Follow Me’ feature is not found in most types of Drones found in this price bracket and it is this alone that makes the Hubsan H502S a favourite amongst many Drone users since it is much cheaper then many other Drones with the same features.

The Hubsan 502S also comes with a screen built into its controller making it possible to fly in ‘First Person View’ known as ‘FPV’.  As you fly the Drone the images from the on board camera are transmitted back to the screen on the controller meaning you can see exactly what the Drone is ‘Seeing’ which helps to gauge exactly where your Drone is, even if it is out of sight and therefore gives it a greater range and makes it easier to steer around obstacles or get a particular scene ‘in-frame’ as you are filming from the Drone.


My YouTube Review of the Hubsan H502S
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Folding Mini DroneHubsan 502E

Budget Drones Conclusion

Each of the Budget Drones here provide all of the fun you would expect from a ‘toy level’ drone and as the price increases you get more features, more ease of use and more capability from your Drone.

Folding Mini Drone

The JXD 523 Mini is ideal for someone looking for a highly compact ‘ready to fly’ selfie Drone at an extremely affordable price but lacks some of the features that makes flying a Drone easier.  The camera provides the lowest definition of the Budget Drones reviewed and has a more limited range as it uses WiFi but does still provide a great item for very little financial outlay.




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Hubsan 502EThe Huban H502E provides a highly affordable fully featured Drone that with the additional functions that its GPS Feature provides.  These additional features makes it much easier to fly, much harder to lose and at a price that most people can afford without the additional expense that come with its bigger brother the Hubsan H502S





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The Hubsan H502S has to be one of the best Budget Drones on the market today!  It is a fully featured Drone with all of the professional features you find only on high end drones that can cost you thousands of pounds.  The Huban H502S provides everything you need from a Drone without breaking the Bank but is still easy enough for a Beginner or Novice to fly whilst giving a more advanced flyer enough to get the best out of.  Without a doubt the Hubsan H502S was our favourite and worth every penny!





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