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CB Radio with SSB

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This time around we are looking at a Colt485DX SSB which as the name suggests is a classic Sideband Radio.  We’ve looked at a couple of Colt Rigs before with the Colt 210 which is an AM CB Radio we reviewed last year and we’ve seen quite a lot of the Colt 295 which is the little FM CB Radio that I have used a lot over the summer on the various DX Activation I did last year.

I’ve had a few Sideband Radios over the years including a HAM International Multimode II as well as a Tristar 777 which I used a lot last year and took with me on a couple of the Sideband Nets that  did last Summer.  Most recently I had a President Lincoln which  I only recently sold.

As I am planning some trips out this Summer I got hold of this Radio because it is quite a lot smaller than the other Radios I hsave had which means it should be a lot easier to carry when out on a CB Radio DX Activation.  I actually got hold of this Radio from a guy in France and have so far been really impressed with it.

The other Radios I had also had some other Modes on them that the Colt 485DX doesnt have.  The other rigs came with both CW and FM Modes where this Colt Radio has only LSB,SSB and AM Modes.

I really like the design of the Colt 485DX with it’s black fascia and chrome dials, it looks very similar to the other Colt CB Radios we mentioned earlier.Its a really nice Retro style CB Radio.  The Colt 485DX is built around a Cybernet board and was made in Japan.  It has a standard 4 pin Mic which has a good weight in the hand.  I was fortunate that mine came with an original Colt Microphone.

The Colt 485DX comes with a standard swing needle Signal Meter and then has three switches covering CB/PA, a noise Blanker switch and then a Hi/Lo switch which gives you access between channels 1-40 and channels 41-80 covering 26.965 – 27.853Mhz.  It also has an RF Gain knob which allows you to trim any incoming signals so that they are easier to distinguish.

Along the bottom row of knobs on the Colt 485DX provides the standard on/off volume control and squelch control along with a clarifier to enable you to tune in incoming sideband signals.

Ive bot had a chance to test it’s receive yet as I have some work to do on my home base antenna which has taken a bit of a beating over the winter and needs some attention before I can use it safely.  So I can’t fully test this rig properly at the moment.

As I said, I’m planning to be taking this CB Radio out with me this summer for the Sideband Nets so I’m looking forward to giving it a try this summer.

I’ve also got a new FM Rig which I’ll be during a review of in a later post which I also want to try out for this summer the Colt 485DX will be the CB Radio I will be using for the weekly Sideband Nets.

CB Radio with SSB



YouTube Channel Update

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I posted the first video on my CB Radio YouTube channel on the 6th February 2016, very shortly after obtaining my Charlie Tango Call sign.  I only realised quite recently that it has therefore been two years since this YouTube channel was created.

I started the Channel just as a way to record my progress in the CB Radio hobby and initially posted footage of me first getting set up on CB Radio both as a home base set up in my garage but also as a mobile set up in my car and even a number of portable activations around the country last Summer

By early February last year I’d attracted about 80 YouTube subscribers.  i decided then to start a Blog Site and started to post regular CB Radio posts on that.  Over the course of the last year I’ve been putting a lot more work into the Channel and had a great summer last year heading out to various bits of the country doing a number of CB Radio DX Activations.  The summer also gave me the chance to fly my new drone and I managed to capture some pretty good footage whilst out and about.

I also launched a new CB Radio site called ‘The Breakers Yard’ and have put a lot of work into building that along withe two UK and US Amazon affiliates sites I have put together.

The winter time is generally a bad time for Radio range because of the lack of Sunshine so the airwaves generally quieten down during the summer months so it was the ideal time to focus down on producing some new CB Radio videos indoors in the warm.

I was looking to drive more traffic to my new website and I’ve gone up a gear recently in getting more subscribers on my  YouTube channel so I hit upon the idea of doing a 60 Day Challenge and spent the first part of this year posting new content on the internet every day since the beginning of January.  This has really done its job as I’m getting more subscribers on my YouTube channel and visits to my new website since the start of the year and actually achieved 1,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel this year!

At the time of doing this, the early signs of Spring are starting to show and thoughts are turning to the fast approaching summer.  I’ve  got plans to do a lot more this Summer so am already planning what new CB Radio videos I intend to make this Summer.

I’ll be buying and selling more CB Radios on Ebay this year so there will always be new CB Radio rigs to see on my channel.  I’ve tended to review the older 80’s type rigs but as there are a lot of great newer CB Radios available nowadays I plan to get in a couple of Brand new Rigs to review on the channel.

There has been a lot of bad weather this winter and my Home base Antenna at home has taken quite a battering this year so once the weather improves a bit I will be doing some much needed maintenance on that.  Its a good chance to have a closer look at any damage and share my plans with you guys on YouTube.

I’ve got a couple of new rigs boxed up in the radio shake so will be dusting these off to set up and review so it will be a good chance to test the aerial and other equipment in the Shack to see if we can start getting any decent signals in for 2018.

As the summer approaches I’ll also be digging out my DX Activation kit and since I’ve got some new camping gear I want to take a look at and building into my kit for this summer.  There’s still a lot of parts of the Country that I would like to visit this summer and I’ve got plans for quite a lot of Overnighters this year so we will be taking a look at some ideas I’ve got about Car camping and see how well that works during the Summer.

I also bought a new Drone late last year and haven’t had a chance to fly that yet so there’ll be a chance to take a closer look at that and do some test flights once the weather improves.  I also want to try out some new radios and test out some ideas I’ve got for Portable CB Radio to see if I can come up with a set up that is as small, compact and as lightweight as possible.

So I plan to do a lot more CB Radio this summer and generally post once a week every Wednesday so don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more CB Radio related videos every week.

This is also a chance to say thanks to all of my long standing subscribers who have supported me for the last two years.  I love every comment that you guys leave and its been great to speak with so many of you.  Don’t be shy about ever leaving a comment especially if you have any questions about CB Radio or have any advice you want to share.  Its great to share the knowledge and experience that we have with each other and people who are just starting out often watch my videos so please do chip in whenever you like,

So as I said don’t forget to look out for a new video every Wednesday and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already, smash the like button for me and leave a comment letting me know what you would like to see more of in 2018

Cheers Guys Catch up with you soon!


CB Radio Channel Update






Free CB Radio Give Away

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Back in January I posted a video about YouTube’s Demonetisation of smaller YouTube channels as at the time I only had 500 subscribers and would need to have at least 1,000 Subscribers before the deadline of 20th February This Year.

I was planning to do a Prize Giveaway once I got to 1,000 subscribers anyway so decided to promote my YouTube channel by offering the chance to win their own brand new CB Radio to new subscribers.

In my video I stated that in order to enter the prize draw for a UK/EU 80 Channel AM/FM CB Radio you had to comment ‘I subscribed’ and also to ‘like’ the video.  I also asked that in order to help me achieve the other criteria of the YouTube Partner Program changes which requires 4,000 hours of watch in the last 365 days people stayed a watched a playlist of the other videos on my YouTube videos.

I did a review of the CRT One on my YouTube channel back in December 2016 and this is the upgraded CRT One N which also has a signal meter.  You can check out the video by following this link :-



The response to this video was amazing and it helped me to easily achieve the objectives of 4,000 hours and 1,000 subscribers required to allow my channel to continue to be monetised well in advance of the deadline and the response to the giveaway was astounding!

i was planning to close entry to the Prize Draw when I achieved the 1,000 subscribers but as I managed to achieve it early I have kept the entry window open until the end of February.

So its now early March and as promised I’m now going to do the actual Prize Draw and everyone who subscribed since that video went out and followed the other steps needed to qualify for the Prize Draw will be added to the list of names who then will be automatically entered into a random draw.

The lucky Winner will be sent a brand new CRT One N CB Radio which is one of the best Dual Band CB Radios in the UK.  It is a tiny little radio but has all of the key features and works brilliantly in most circumstances

So here is the list of names of everyone who commented on my YouTube channel :-

Airshow World1
donal finn
Jake B
Bron Stephan
Glynn H
John Williams
Techno mage
neil spencer
Mike Doherty
Tim mccarthy
Dai Jones
Nott John
Alan Morgan
Jon Collins
John Fava
jason wiltshire
stephen gunrunner hanson
john McKinney
Kym Haniford

So if your name appears on that list you’ve been entered into the Prize Draw

Everyone’s name was placed in a random name picker program on my laptop to make it entirely fair to everyone that entered and then we did the name selection

There were 31 entrants and the Prize Draw was done at 10am on the 10th March this year.

And the Winner was live2digmetal

We will be contacting the winner via YouTube to arrange the shipping of their new CB Radio!

Free CB Radio Give Away




New CB Radio Playlists For 2018

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If you have visited this site fairly recently you might already realise that I have been posting a huge amount of new CB Radio content on this site in recent months and in fact have been posting literally every single day since the first day of January.

This work equates to over 60 new YouTube videos as well as detailed web articles covering a vast array of different CB Radio topics from getting set up on CB Radio to more advanced radio theory about Single Side Band and Amateur Radio in General.

As there is so much new content I’ve decided to organise them into separate playlists as well as different website pages broadly organised into separate CB Radio related themes.

Hopefully this will help you to be able to find the type of information you are looking for and should make it easier to watch a specific series of videos as well as read through the same specific information on my website that relates to the CB Radio topic that you are interested in.

As there is such a huge amount of information I am hoping that you will be able to find something that you will find useful and hopefully will enjoy watching the videos enough that you subscribe to the my YouTube channel so that you are kept informed of new content as it is created.


My YouTube channel has been running for over two years now and there’s a lot of good CB Radio videos available from it.  I also post new content every week so there is always something new to enjoy.

My website ‘The Breakers Yard’ has been running since late 2017 and already is chock full of interesting CB Radio related articles as well as links to my Amazon Affliate CB Radio stores for both the UK and America so please take the time to explore both my YouTube channel as well as my new Website.

As I said I have organised my most recent content into new playlists which you can find by going either to my YouTube channel or by clicking the approriate links on the sidebar of my Website.

I have also added links to each Playlist in the top right of this video so that you can get to each one easily.

So let me explain each of the Playlists for you:-

There are 5 new Playlists each containing a series of related videos each with links to their related web articles in the video description of each one and they are:-

Getting Started in CB Radio

This Introductory Playlist of 13 Videos and articles covers areas of CB Radio that would be useful to understand when getting started in CB Radio for the first time or as a refresher for people who are interested in returning to CB Radio after many years.

This Playlist includes:-

A Beginners Guide To CB Radio
Getting Started on CB Radio
Choosing A CB Radio
CB Radio Installation
What is standing wave ratio (swr)
Tuning a CB Aerial
CB Radio Antenna Range
Setting up a CB Radio in your car
Installing a Homebase CB Radio Antenna
CB Radio Most Frequently Asked Questions
CB Radio and The Law
What should I know about CB Radio before I buy one
CB Radio Nets

Understanding CB Radio

This playlist of 11 Videos and Articles covers CB Radio in more depth and includes information about CB Radio usage and Communications.  It also includes more information about how to get the best from your CB Radio.

This Playlist includes:-

CB Radio Etiquette
CB Radio Lingo
What are the ten codes
What Are Q Codes
How To Use A CB Radio
Why Use A CB Radio
CB Radio Amplifiers
CB Radio Most Frequently Asked Questions
CB Radio and The Law
Portable CB Radio
CB Radio Nets


Understanding SSB Radio

This playlist of 11 videos and articles looks specifically at Sideband or SSB Radio.  It explains in more detail the differences and advantages of SSB radio over the normal CB Radio frequencies and focuses more into Sideband Radio and other forms of HAM or Amateur Radio.

This Playlist includes:-

What Are Radio Modes
What is SSB Sideband Radio
Muppet Band Vs Side Band Radio
Whats the Difference Between HAM Radio and CB Radio
Why do HAM Radio users hate CB Radio?
CB Radio Frequencies
How to Call CQ
Good Practices when calling CQ
How To Get a Radio Call sign
How to send a radio report
CB Radio Division Codes


CB Radio in the 21st Century

The final part of this series of CB Radio playlists brings us up to date with a look at CB Radio in the 21st Century.  It explores how CB Radio in the UK and around the World continues to thrive amongst the latest in technology and how it has reemerged thanks to the Internet and social platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

This Playlist includes:-

CB Radio on the Internet
CB Radio on a Motorcycle
The Future of CB Radio
Do truckers still use CB Radio?
CB Radio for Preppers
CB Radio Forums
CB Radio Shops
CB Radio on YouTube


New CB Radio Playlists 2018














Crossing the Finish Line

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Today is quite a memorable day for me!  As it marks the end of a continuous streak of new content on this site for 60 days!  As many of you will already realise I have been posting new content on this site (as well as on my YouTube channel) every day since the 1st of January this year and this represents the last day of ‘The 60 Day Challenge’

Firstly I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been following the progress, joining in by adding comments and sharing both the videos and blog posts on the social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Your feedback is always gratefully accepted and its given me the motivation and impetus to keep going and complete the who;e challenge and believe me it has been a huge amount of work.

I actually started working on it as an idea back in November last year so was actually nearly six months in the making!  It represents over 65,000 words of writing as well as  over six hours of video and many many hours of researching and video editing but its all paid off in the end.

For one thing, I’ve managed to hit 1,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel which has doubled in the last month and the number of views I’m getting on the channel has sky rocketed!

The main reason for doing the 60 Day Challenge though was to promote a new CB Radio website I launched back in November called ‘The Breakers Yard’.  Off the back of the new website I’ve also created an Amazon Affiliate store specifically for all kinds of CB Radio goodies so have also been busy building that too.  In fact there are two separate store sites as I did one for guys in the US as well as one for the UK.

I’ve also used this project as an opportunity to learn more about video editing, have learnt a few nifty tricks within the video software I use and hopefully have got a little better at producing YouTube videos that are both informative and enjoyable to watch.

I am by no means a YouTube expert but I would say that I’ve learn’t a lot through the experience and it hopefully will mean better quality videos in the future.

So even though we’ve hit the last day of the 60 Day this is by no means the end as will continue to be posting new content every week in the future but I won’t be able to stretch to every day for the time being.

I’ve got lots of ideas for new videos and info for 2018 so do make sure to check in regularly to find out more.  You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so why not follow me on those too!

Thanks again to everyone for the support you’ve given and I’ll look forward to catching up with you again soon!



Crossing the Finish Line