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Midland Portapak 77-805 

Today we are looking at a really nice example of an absolutely classic eighties CB Radio

If you’ve seen any cb radio videos on YouTube of folks out on the hillsides then you’ve possibly already spotted one of these known as a Midland Portapak and as I say this is a really good example of one


Up On My Local Perch

We had our first glimpse of the Sun this year last weekend and after digging out some of my CB Radio kit out of its winter hiding place to get it rigged up in the car.  Only a few weeks ago there was snow on the ground yet this weekend the temperature soared to about 27 degrees (C.) so I was looking forward to spending the afternoon out in the warm sunshine of an early April afternoon.



TTi TCB 771

Only : £69.00

The TTi TCB 771 is the improved version of the previous TCB-770, has all the same features from the TCB-770 but can now run on either 12 Volt or 24 volt power supply. The TCB-771 also has a Dynamic Squelch System for an even better audio experience.

The TTi TCB 771 is a Multi standard mobile CB radio for both UK and EU bands, it is a great radio for drivers travelling around Europe as it comes equipped with a number of  options to select CB frequency bands for Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Poland and UK






The Uniden CB radio’s six-pin microphone has a noise-cancelling feature, so the person you’re talking to can hear you clearly. Enjoy crisp, clear communication without static.

You can also use the radio with a wireless microphone for even more freedom. This Uniden CB radio comes with NOAA weather channel access, so you can stay on top of changing weather conditions and receive alerts about severe weather.

The radio also comes with the public address feature. If you choose, the emergency channel can be automatically available.